Hello Everyone, my name is Dr. Deniz Armagan and San Diego's Premier Health Coach. I have mastered my own permanent weight loss (over 170 pounds in 7 years and have kept it off for over 3 years). I also fix backs, hips, knees, shoulders, and ankles. I am an ex-pro athlete who is a medical professional with over 30 years in the health field; and I can show you how to get there and not be injured the way that I was. I will teach you how to not only heal, but prevent future injuries so that you can have longevity in your sport and in your life. I am mobile (I can come to your home, school or gym) throughout San Diego County. "YOU WILL PLAY BETTER, LONGER" **You will experience Less Pain **You will achieve Permanent and Safe Weight Loss **You will Perform Better Athletically and Prevent Future Injuries You will accomplish these 3 goals simultaneously, just like the Pro's. While you are healing, you will be losing weight, and will be training for your sport from Day 1 safely and effectively.

Sports Performance Training

You will increase your speed, strength, and stamina to improve your game and bring it to the next level.

Permanent & Safe Weight Loss

You will start your journey down the road to health with sound nutrition, customized exercise, and comprehensive education based on current medical research.

Professional Sports Medicine

You will experience decreased pain Holistically without the use of medications, Cortisone shots, or Surgery.


Real statements from colleagues and former clients.